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Collective Ceremonies - The Lunar & Gregorian Calendar and a time for a change.

Good morning & good weekend Wise One!

Here in Dorset, I’m sitting in the peace and quiet afford by a Saturday morning, contemplating the past week... well the first half of November really....

My senses are resting on the distinct shift in energy since All Hallows, Pagan New Year and Guy Fawkes night... three rituals so close together, this year, has definitely created a wave. This energetic wave, combined with the current global state, the movements of the heavens and yesterday's Full Beaver Moon and eclipse are certainly giving rise to an interesting time for us all! There is an intense and chaotic presence, and this can be tough on the mind, body, and subsequent personal identity- magically however, this chaos presents a door of opportunity.

Various Calendars

As some of you know, over the years my intuition has guided me to perform ceremonies on days other than the big ‘let’s all do magic tonight’ dates - 4/4 5/5 11/11 Solstice/New & Full Moon and especially in the darkness of an eclipse!

Working with the Gregorian Calendar has always had its limitations & coercions but now this handed-down structure is feeling like more of a cage than a helpful frame to organise the days…

We’ve always been somewhat out of whack with the cycles of time and the season in which we live. Daylight-saving and other such insane ideas have an accumulative effect…. combine these effects with the crap food, fake news, false light, and the lack of time in nature and we have the perfect distraction and loss of connection.

Years ago, I began offering Fire Ceremonies (which were in fact more akin to a ritual). A fire circle is indeed a powerful gathering and cleanse in a way that water, earth & air do not…but I was working in line with the Lunar Calendar and on occasions the Gregorian Calendar – at someone else’s behest and something just felt off! The words that rung in my head were…

In recent years I ceased working with the Full & New Moons…. To this day I know something isn’t right – I can’t tell you exactly what it is, but I trust my intuition on everything else in life so I’m trusting it on this too… Truth will out… one just has to be patient.

This rejection within of the moon’s energy and collectively agreed upon special dates came as a shock after years of holding fire ceremonies, despachos, workshops aligned with this particular shared idea. I wrangled with the ideas of something isn’t right’ v ‘this has been my practice for years’ - I eventually cancelled all this regular work and immediately felt better for it.

On reflection, the reason I would offer such things on prescribed day was because that was what I had been taught was ‘the way’… Now I’ve grown up a bit and my medicine has far more of my own rich essence I feel not only safe but motivated and actively shoved to tread my own path… unapologetically…

Regular ceremony….

That said, I remain fan of ceremony in every sense and the spontaneity associated with this way of living… after all, there is a big difference between the ceremonial process and that of ritual… ritual being the same old steps, on the same old day, in the same old way. I often question the root of such practices and whether or not those who perform them have any true idea of what they are engaging with in the same way as I was creating from the old paradigm?

I figure if everyone is working on ‘big magic days’ within the confines of the manufactured calendar – i.e., 11/11 4/4 5/5 infinitum… our own sprinkling of magic is present in a tsunami of intentions and prayers…. Some of which could be at best, questionable.

In many of our conversations we talk about ‘they’…. well, ‘they’ have a handle on the magical work in a way that ‘we’ are still working to remember… and ‘they’ created the current calendar…

Anyway, this long intro leads me to share the news that Collective Ceremony is on the horizon and will be returning soon…. Intuitively led gatherings on days that feel appropriate, focusing on topics that serve the Earth, the collective and the Wise Woman’s Forum….

As we retrain our thinking & practices we create that new paradigm that everyone seems to be banging on about... Hoorah!!!

If you would like to join me, you are very welcome to do so…. More news on this soon via email….

Big love

C x

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Deanne Ryan
Deanne Ryan
Nov 20, 2021

Very excited about this Charlotte. Definitely feels right ❤️🙏🏻

Charlotte Gush
Charlotte Gush
Nov 20, 2021
Replying to

Me too Deanne x

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