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Morning Glory Altar.

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Morning Practice

I’ve recently reanimated my daily altar practice and am trying something new. As part of this new way of doing things I’ve start working with Flower Power - Ancient Herbal Remedy cards. (Circa 1970 and currently out of print I think)

I was gifted this simple & clean looking pack by a friend a number of years ago and only recently fished them out of my altar box. They’re very old and the wonderful woman who gifted them to me had also been gifted them previously by a family member. It’s a wonderful thing when medicine tools are passed between generations and shared with other spiritual workers. After a cleanse and a flick to shift any old energies, I attempted to get to work. My intention was good, but my focus was lacking!

Struggles in focusing!

By fate or design there are so many distractions in life! Family, responsibilities, procrastination, lethargy, social media, and it’s easy to get hooked into every other ting on life’s to-do list. This I find, happens far too often!

So, I gave the pack a shuffle and asked for a plant to assist with maintaining focus.

I pulled ‘Morning Glory’…. After a slight smirk to myself, I read the card and ta da! What do you know! A plant to assist in focusing, amongst other things. And I quote...

"Morning Glory...Makes clear all things which cannot be fathomed by the human mind"

Magical Plant Qualities
  • Hallucinogenic

  • Improves brain power

  • Enhances visions

  • Calming & peaceful effect

  • Improves second-site

The seeds are used in a similar way to mushrooms and other plant teachers, but this felt a like a bit of an excessive route to take. A quick search online and I found a whole host of offerings; teas, tinctures, oils…wow, such a selection! Going back to the card and the sacred space of my altar I settled on a flower essence not really having used them before.

By the magical powers or of the internet and parcel delivery service I was back in the same altar space within 24 hours clutching the bottle of Morning Glory flower essence. I decide to leave the bottle near my altar for a day or so, allowing the travel & maker vibes to dissipate and then began to build my relationship with her. In short, it’s working a treat! She gets me in the zone for my altar practice after 4 little drops! My writing flows beautifully in this space, my focus is sharp and maintained, the energy of the plant is gentle yet has boundaries and I’m loving it! Morning Glory and I will remain friend for some time…. Magic!

Practical Spirituality

There are tonnes of info available out there, some of it helpful and the writings of others can give ideas, guidance & trigger light-bulb-moments but there’s nothing like

experiential learning. If you have the time, inclination, and confidence to take your own steps it can be deeply self-affirming. Personally, I love these adventures and investigations, deepening my medicine, building my own philosophy, embodying the essence of these inner lessons, and implementing it into my daily life – this being the most important part!

I wanted to bring the altar teachings into my ordinary waking life to understand more deeply the very plants that surround me, so I decided to sift through the pack and pulled out a few cards akin to the weeds, herbs, trees, and fruits in my own garden …. Dandelion, Borage & Bittersweet Nightshade were the beauties that I started with…

While I've used herbal medicine for over a decade, picked, dried, tied and tinctured all manner of plants for health & ritual practice...this part of the Altar-Plant adventure is still very much underway and I’m excited! If the Morning Glory experience is anything to go by, great things lay ahead. Relationships & connection are being built!

Reconnection & Re-remembering

The bigger picture is that we are so disconnected from the world around us. Yes, even super committed spiritual works such as ourselves! We are the true Wise Women, Earth Keepers and Land Guardian of our time and if we can spend a little time here and there merging with our planet and her flora, then there is probably a great deal more hope for our species and our host than is advertised.

Change has always begun at the grass roots level so never underestimate the energy you can add to human story by being in your garden or park and choosing to transform the world one weed at a time.

Big loves

C x

Altar Work 1-2-1

If you would like to learn a little more about working with an altar please contact me

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