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Shamanic Mentoring

Support & accountability on 
your spiritual healing journey.

"Working with Charlotte has been profound! I have returned to her many times, each time revealing more. She is insightfully honest & has no need to dress up what is deep work". R.W. (UK)

Shamanic & Spiritual Mentoring.

​Many of us are already deeply connected to spirit, the Earth & the Stars and have a variety of healing talents. However, we also carry doubt, fear, old wounds & shadows which may be suppressing our true natures and Spiritual Mentoring can assist here.

Working with Charlotte in a friendly supportive partnership,  encourages and enables you to claim your innate wisdom & healing medicine story. Laying firm foundations for living your personal philosophy in a world that is in deep need of your gifts. ​


Together we will draw on the threads of spirit-guidance, personal path working, ancient teachings, modern practices, and weave the new in a way that works for you; building confidence & trust in your own wisdom as well as practical tools and techniques to manage the mind, emotions and all that life brings. 

Familiar themes:

  • Trusting in yourself (not 'the process’)

  • Confidence to speak & live from your inner knowing.

  • Establishing regular practice as a bridge to meaningful sustained self-care.

  • Worthlessness, Powerlessness & Hopelessness (The big Shadows)

  • Breaking free of the ‘Good Girl’ & the ‘People Pleaser’

  • Building your own philosophy & embodying your own medicine.

  • Trust, surrender & allowing support.

  • Self-validation, courage & writing your healing medicine story.

  • Practitioner support.

Short term 'light touch' mentoring; 3-6 months


  • Concentrating on your spiritual and personal development, shorter-term mentoring ordinarily focuses on one or two specific personal challenges or areas for development (family, ancestry, relationships, personal difficulties, repeating patterns). 

  • Fortnightly 1.5 hr call.

  • Fully resourced follow-up support by email.

Long term 'deep dive' mentoring


  • In-depth focus on all areas of life, your spiritual path & practice.

  • 1 x 2.5 hr monthly call or similar.

  • Fully resourced in-depth support by email.

  • Weekly/twice weekly 'check-in' messages/voice note.

  • Contact Monday-Friday.

  • Q&A​​

Practitioner Support.

  • By arrangement.

If you are ready and my work speaks to you I would love to hear from you.

Please click the button and book an informal chat to discuss your needs

& to determine if us working together is right for both of us. 

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