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Shamanic Healing

The Journey
of Connecting Deeply With Yourself

"Working with Charlotte, it changed the ‘game’ of life somewhat. It gave me permission to be an empath" G.M. (UK)

Healing sessions

  • Shamanic healing is the oldest healing modality in the world. Attending to all aspects of human & spiritual life. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, this lifetime & previous lifetimes. 

  • Many live with unseen soul contracts, energetic attachments, hidden soul aspects, non-diagnosable illness and life-long health issues. Such difficulties often have energetic, ancestral or past life roots that 'modern medicine' is ill equipped to deal with.

  • Working at the energetic level enables wounds to be cleaned & understood, contracts to be rewritten, soul pieces retrieved and lasting healing embodied.

  • Healing practices that may take place in a session

    • Illumination​

    • Cord cutting

    • Soul retrieval 

    • Fluid or crystalline extraction

    • Underworld extraction

    • Death rites

    • Meeting a power animal or guide.

  • Development tasks for 'homework' - rituals, ceremonies and journeys of all kinds.​

  • Sessions are 90-120 minutes and it's truly amazing how much can change within a person in this time.


  • This is a service based on personal relationship & trust, so if we haven't worked together before booking an informal chat is the place to begin.

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