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The Eclipse, Faith, Fate & Weaving our Golden Thread of Destiny through the cosmic fabric of existence…

"What's meant for ya, won't go by ya!"

A number of weeks ago I was shoved from above to share this perspective. It may not be for everyone, but I trust that whosevers eyes it’s meant for will find it and choose to act.

Eclipse mania & keeping the faith.

We all know the world is currently turning over, global situations are out of our hands, but we always have a choice in our thought, word, and deed.

This eclipse window is no different. There are so many points of view flying around regarding this particular celestial event. Everything from Judgement Day, the ushering in of the new disease X, a portal for the AI overlord to take his new throne as the old ‘king’ (sun) dies!  The other extreme says that this day is the final welcoming of the New Earth, peace on Earth and abundant beautiful lives promised for those, who over time, have chosen to believe in the ‘correct’ thing…

Perhaps all of this is true, perhaps none of it is, perhaps, dependant on your perspective and as the co-creator that you are, you’ll perceive and receive the version of events that furthers your owns growth with grace and gratitude.

As a complete non-astrologer but as a tracker and reader of energy, personal and collective, the shoves I’ve been feeling all, in various guises, say ‘hold the mid-line’, ‘walk the knife edge’, ‘hold the centre’, ‘balance’, ‘Ayni’… basically, ‘keep your head when all around are losing theirs’!

Astrology is a beautiful & necessary tool, and while the movements of the heavens do indeed influence our cycles, the map gifted to us at birth are exactly that, maps. Astrology doesn’t tell us how to walk the terrain, or which route to take.

My sense regarding this time is that this is one more huge story. A story that is animated by our collective energies. We are co-creating this latest version of division in this realm of duality. So, I come the to the centre-point and ask, ‘What is mine to do?’ the response, ‘choose’, choose where I focus my energy and what I want to experience. Time to look inward, not upward. Hold the mid-point with discernment.

Keep the Faith.

I realise the world is remarkably unstable in comparison to previous decades. The prolonged pressure, causing uncertainty, apathy, even nihilistic views in some but the myth of Pandora and her box, holds true. Within we hold hope.

 I recently learned that among some communities of the First Nations people of America there is a role known as ‘The Faith Keeper’.

The one who is to remain at peace, centred in spiritual vision, not matter what event befalls the tribe. Even if everyone else in the tribe slips into pain, fear or dissension, the Faith Keeper is the one person the tribe can rely on as a lifeline to the Presence. This is our role now – Susan Sullivan/Kirsty Dignam.

This is indeed our role now. For, while one thread of faith is remembered, appreciated, and practiced it remains conscious; enlivened to weave, create, and thrive.

As individual co-creators, one must hold the thread of possibility, trusting & knowing that everything is happening perfectly just as it should. Disallowing the hooks of fear to anchor. It matters. Each individual attitude matters and here’s why.

The Cosmic Weaving.

Even though life can often appear as a series of unconnected events, many that ‘just happen to us’, like it or not, we are all part of the cosmic multi-dimensional weaving – each an infinite energetic thread in the working and reworking of consciousness into matter. As complete individual parts of the whole, our unique experiences, our lived timelines and creations, glide in unison with all the other swirling threads of existence.

Picture this…

The richest most luxurious cloth stretching out beyond all horizons, the fabric on which our present & past lives, heartbreaks, and dreams are created and recorded at once, for eternity.

In your mind’s eye, create a detailed colour picture of your own thread…

·         Is your thread linear or spiralised, two ply or more, looping or knotted?

·         How does your unique thread, interweave with the threads surrounding it?

·         Can you lift, move, pull it, change its colour, texture, quality, or weight?

·         Can you hold the now moment of your personal thread in your hand? Noting its presence, energy, and how on close inspection many fibres contain the stories of the past?

This is natural, as momentum, left unchecked, will continue to replicate familiar patterns until we consciously choose change. Can you, as a holographic version of yourself, rise above your layer of the weaving seeing ‘the bigger picture’?

Threads of fate & destiny…

In this moment can you see where your present thread is sparkling? A fleck or two emanating a cool glow of silver light?  

These are the threads of Fate, ‘bound to happen’; the junctures where life is made manifest from probability rather than possibility. Energy imprints of engrained attitudes, contracts and personal stories held as truths, that are now operating with an unconscious to us, ‘mind of their own’. Weaving & working unseen.

Whether we remember the contracts, truths, our souls’ purpose, or not, we are still ultimately responsible for our journey and to have Fate weave our story would be one inclusive of missed opportunity.

Whatever the case, such cool polished threads can become gateways to change– for once a fate comes into awareness and we acknowledge what IS, our witnessing changes the weaving, and this includes our possible, rather than probable, route forward. Here we are presented with a choice.

Destiny is what we say yes to!

The choice being, where you want to focus & what you want to experience…thusly transforming the cool silver thread into a rich, warm & nourishing gold! This is the thread of your destiny and here you can stake your claim. After all, destiny is what we say to!

A window in time - Claim your golden thread of destiny.

It is not usual that I’d perform ceremony on ‘collective energy days’ such as 4.4, 11.11 or days such as todays eclipse, as the opportunity for an ‘energetic hijacking’ is high. Previous experience showed me that this is both true and possible. But the guidance received was to share what came, and I’ve chosen to act accordingly.

Beyond intuitive guidance, this day offers a death to the old and a renewal of the Sun – the one who lights the thread of our destinies. Handled delicately with appropriate timings this day is, indeed, a window of possibility.  

For this reason, I have put this ceremony behind a metaphorical ‘pay wall’. There is of course NO FEE for this process but there is a need to request the document.

If you’d wish to join me, please click the button below and you’ll be sent all the details for tonight’s process. This opportunity is available until 7pm GMT. (now closed)

Eclipse timing UK. 

Partial starting 19:52 BST – Partial Ending 20:51.

Totality (mid-point) holds for approximately 4 minutes – 4 minutes & 25 seconds.

Working together.

I offer Shamanic services from one 90 minute healing session ,through 1:1 mentoring and on to a two year Shamanic Apprenticeships. If this perspective on life works for your and you'd like to learn more you can do so here.

Loves, Charlotte x

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