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Charlotte Gush Spiritual Mentor

I am a teacher, shamanic healer, and down-to-earth spiritual mentor. My work for the last twelve years has been the study and practice of earth-based and ancient wisdom teachings as maps to spiritual awakening and transformation. My mission is to help people free themselves from stuck patterns, including childhood wounds and old social conditioning that keep us from the richest and fullest lives we are capable of living. 


My vision is a world in which women fulfill their unique spiritual potentials through closer communion with Earth and Spirit.


My unique and soul-based mission is to help you find your place of remembering who you Are.


"I have found Charlotte's 
work grounding, inspiring, powerful & helpful in building emotional resilience."

— Nick Ross (UK) 

What people are saying
“Charlotte gives you techniques, research suggestions, journeys; encourages you to try them and then refine, reshape or reject them according to how they help you or make you feel. But she is never, ever, dogmatic.” 

—  Annie (uk)


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