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 Welcome to Shamanic Way


Charlotte is a teacher, healer, wise woman, down-to-earth spiritual mentor & founder of the Wise Woman’s Forum. She is based in Dorset, UK and also works online with women across the world.


Hi, I’m Charlotte,

Thanks for checking out my little plot on the internet…

My work is rooted in animism & shamanism, my Celtic ancestry, humble beginnings, and 25+ years of walking the path of remembrance; remembering who I am, where I’m from, the medicine I hold and how to share it.

For years I’ve been studying and practising Earth-based ancient wisdom teachings as maps to spiritual awakening and personal transformation. I am, just like you, walking the infinite spiral to deepen my understanding  of myself and what it means to be human.

I’m a working-class woman, I speak as I find, have a deep love of the f-word and at all costs avoid broadly promoted trendy narratives, gurudom & ‘nailed it in a weekend’ certificates. This approach to the spiritual path makes me feel a bit sick and draws me away from my authenticity and into the world of ‘fitting in’….

We are not here to fit in, we are here to become unapologetically ourselves, take up space and in doing so inadvertently offer permission for others to do the same.

My days are filled with deep thought, rituals, strong sweet black coffee, gardening, herbs, writing & holding space for people who wish to write & live their own rich story. Each embodying their unique spiritual potential, inherent wisdom and bringing their medicine to their own hearts, families, sacred circles, and wider communities. Since November 2022 I've offered Shamanic Apprenticeships & Initiation and the 2023-2024 application process is now open.

The work.

There is nothing to fix really, only personal perception to shift and deeper understanding to be gained.

As a sacred witness, guided by intuitive insight & lived experience on ‘both sides of the tracks’ I support people with listening deeply to their inner guidance and inviting home the Wise Woman or Man. 

Through strong relationships, trust and a sense of safety assisted by firm boundaries and honesty, together we rewrite disempowering personal narratives, unpick the knots, comb the threads, and reweave a version of the sacred medicine story in a form that best suits the individual.

Bringing the acceptable and supposedly ‘unacceptable characters’ of the psyche to a place of conversation, we begin to establish equilibrium and rewrite those personal stories inclusive of power, passion, & purpose – accepting our unique spiritual potential through ceremony, ritual and communion with Spirit, Earth & the Stars.

Wise Ones Medicine.

As people we are all blessedly unique, but there are many threads, stories, practices, and traditions that link us.  Many have been hidden, manipulated, and blatantly lied about. But within these everlasting spirals, etched in the fabric of time, we find our reflections and are rebuilding meaningful community, one reclamation at a time.

At birth, regardless of status, each medicine human has a unique signature. Those signatures guide us to walk the path of remembrance and to take our rightful place at the fire – at hearthside we are welcomed by the others and the warmth of the flames.

Together we are remembering, showing up with our sacred offerings and our willingness to be in deep service to each other and the planet.


"Charlotte is one of those rare people who looks into your soul and tells you the truth you're too scared or stuck to acknowledge. I am so grateful for her"
- Liz (uk)

What people are saying
“Charlotte gives you techniques, research suggestions, journeys; encourages you to try them and then refine, reshape or reject them according to how they help you or make you feel. But she is never, ever, dogmatic.” 

—  Annie (uk)

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