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It's your life...turn the page

It’s that time of year when many are considering New Years resolutions…. Sometimes I make them, sometimes I don’t. How about you?

It’s a strange concept really. As though we need a date to make change or with a change of date, we feel that we should do something….

Often times the intentions that come from the sense that we ‘should’ make changes soon fizzle out.

Perhaps the commitment just isn’t there?

Perhaps this plays into feelings of unworthiness?

Perhaps it’s our thinking that tells us firstly we are not good enough - we need improvement and reinforces a sense of failure when we haven’t even begun to see the resolution through.

When I was thinking about my personal intension for the coming cycle of the wheel, (I choose three words for the year) the above thoughts were bouncing through my mind. THOUGHTS, THOUGHTS, THOUGHTS….

The thoughts are the little sods that sadly do us over repeatedly!

Then a little spark of remembrance…

Years ago, I learned the phrase “Turn the page”.

When stuck in an unhelpful mind loop, experiencing random intrusive thoughts that seem to flood in from the collective consciousness or simply frustrated by your own known programme we can turn the page.

A brief visualisation

In your minds eye observe a beautifully bound and decorated book. The book of your life, perhaps your name is on the front?

What would you like to see inside?

What would you like your pages to be filled with?

Perhaps even now rouge thoughts are clouding your process?

Perhaps your ‘to do’ list is more prevalent than your momentary experience of your life book?

Perhaps your beliefs tell you this or that is not possible because.....

If so don’t worry.

In your minds eye, simply open the book at any page and see in front of you a blank, fresh page…. Ready for you to consciously write your own story….

It is entirely up to you what fills this blank page, which story, which healing and helpful scenarios….

Remember that this book is always with you.

Next time you’re caught in unhelpful thinking, a known programme loop or intrusive nonsense that drops in from the aether…. Take your thoughts to your beautifully bound and decorated life book, open her up and turn the pages…. Flick until you find the scenario you are looking for or find a blank page and write it consciously.

‘Turning the page’ takes moments. We are actively choosing to interrupt the thought process and then choosing to responsibly fill the space with a favourable narrative that paves the way forward.


Big loves

C x

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Unknown member
Jan 05, 2022

👏👏I love this idea 🥰 thank you 🙏

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