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Healing & mentoring

"Charlotte's ability to gain my trust and support me through what has been life changing healing has been real.
She has been able to guide me through the darkest of times without pretending it to be anything else. She is insightfully honest and has no need to dress up what is deep work, the process of facing my shadow and working with Charlotte has been profound. I have returned to her many times, each time working deeper & revealing more.
Her work is intuitive and has never been wrong"



Spiritual Mentoring

Working with Charlotte in a friendly supportive partnership,  encourages and enables you to claim your innate wisdom & healing medicine story. Laying firm foundations for living your own personal philosophy in a world that is in deep need of your gifts. 


Together we will draw on the threads of spirit-guidance, personal path working, ancient teachings, modern practices, and weave the new in a way that works for you; building confidence & trust in your own wisdom as well as practical tools and techniques to manage the mind, emotions and all that life brings. 

Familiar themes:

  • Trusting in yourself (not 'the process’)

  • Confidence to speak & live from your inner knowing.

  • Establishing regular practice as a bridge to meaningful sustained self-care.

  • Worthlessness, Powerlessness & Hopelessness (The big Shadows)

  • Breaking free of the ‘Good Girl’ & the ‘People Pleaser’

  • Building your own philosophy & embodying your own medicine.

  • Trust, surrender & allowing support.

  • Self-validation, courage & writing your healing medicine story.

  • Practitioner support.

Many of us are already deeply connected to spirit, the earth & the stars and have a variety of healing talents. However, we also carry doubt, fear, old wounds & shadows which may be suppressing our true natures and Spiritual Mentoring can assist here.

Shorter-term mentoring.

10-12/20-24 weeks.

Concentrating on your spiritual and personal development, shorter-term mentoring ordinarily focuses on one or two specific personal challenges or areas for development (e.g family, ancestry, relationships, personal difficulties, repeating patterns). 


  • Weekly/fortnightly 1 hour call.

  • Fully resourced follow-up support by email.

Long-term mentoring/Practitioner support.

6-18 months.

In-depth focus on all areas of life, your spiritual path & practice including practitioner support.


  • 1 x 3hr monthly call or similar.

  • Fully resourced in-depth support by email.

  • Weekly/twice weekly 'check-in' messages/voice note.

  • Contact Monday-Friday.

  • Q&A

  • Free access to the Wise Woman's Forum.

If you are ready and my work speaks to you I would love to hear from you.

Please complete the contact form at the bottom of the page and I will contact you to book an informal chat to get to know you a little, discuss your needs & determine if us working together is right for both of us. 

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Shamanic Healing Sessions

  • Shamanic healing is the oldest healing modality in the world. Attending to all aspects of human & spiritual life. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, this lifetime & previous lifetimes. 

  • Many live with unseen soul contracts, energetic attachments, hidden soul aspects, non-diagnosable illness and life-long health issues. Such difficulties often have energetic, ancestral or past life roots that 'modern medicine' is ill equipped to deal with.

  • Working at the energetic level enables wounds to be cleaned & understood, contracts to be rewritten, soul pieces retrieved and lasting healing embodied.

  • Sessions are 90-120 minutes and it's truly amazing how much can change within a person in this time.

To book Shamanic Healing sessions please complete the form below to see if the two of us working together is right for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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