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We can all live full lives in alignment with our highest destiny as the
co-creative beings we are.


Healing & mentoring

Through ancient teachings, practical tools & guidance from Spirit, I support women in reclaiming the Wise Woman that dwells deep within each of us, working to help you remove any blocks you may be carrying so that you can re-access your confidence, supporting your process of empowerment to facilitate a healthy balance for living your life with full presence and grace.

Mother Earth needs her Wise Women to step to the very edges of our psyches and embody the roles of Wisdom Keepers, Healers and Seers for a society much in need of our gifts and guidance. Many of us are already deeply connected to spirit and have a variety of healing talents which are needed in today's world. However, we also carry doubt, fear and old wounds which may be suppressing our true natures.

Working with a Spiritual Mentor in supportive partnership can assist you in uncovering whatever might be holding you back. Illuminating, honouring and healing the old programming can then free you to bring your life into balance and thereby bring your unique talents to the world.

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The Spiritual Mentoring Process

  • Discovering Your Stories. Through building a trusting relationship, we identifying the sub-conscious stories that lives within. ("The Block")

  • Speaking the Myth. Entering into conversation with theses parts of yourself. Acknowledging the important roles of each of the player held in this or previous lives.

  • Cleaning the River. Honouring, Witnessing & Integrating each player in that grand story.

  • Shamanic Tools & Nature Practices. Using ancient and modern techniques to heal your story through ceremony, ritual & practice

  • Walking the Path of Ease & Grace. Taking your refined and powerful gifts into the world. This is the path of authenticity.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

  • Shamanic healing is the oldest healing modality in the world. Attending to all aspects of human & spiritual life. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, this lifetime & previous lifetimes. 

  • Many live with unseen soul contract, energetic attachments, hidden soul aspects, non-diagnosable illness and life-long health issues. Such difficulties often have an energetic, ancestral or past life roots that 'modern medicine' is ill equipped to deal with.

  • Working at the energetic level enables wounds to be cleaned & understood, contracts to be rewritten, soul piece retrieved and lasting healing embodied.

  • Sessions are 90 minutes and it's truly amazing how much can change within a person in this time.

To book a free introductory chat to discuss Spiritual Mentoring or to book a Shamanic Healing Session please complete the form below to see if the two of us working together is right for you.

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