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Why See a Shaman?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices in the world and although ancient, holds many answers to modern day questions…

Why would you visit a shaman?

  • Low energy

  • Feeling stuck

  • Feelings of confusion and lack of direction; feeling pulled of course

  • Repeating life patterns

  • A point of transition or change e.g. menopause, bereavement, retirement, change in career, the end of a relationship, children leaving home

  • Physical aliments

  • When other routes have not given the required outcome

  • Ingrained habits and ways of thinking that stop us from moving forward

  • Spiritual development

What does a shaman do?

The shaman works with cultural, ancestral, karmic and personal patterns that can inform us in the here and now; journeying to the seed event and working to clear ones affinity with the past through processes including:

  • Illumination

  • Soul retrieval

  • Extraction

  • Transition process

I work in the luminous energy field (aura) clearing energy that may cause emotional distress or physical ill health. In clearing out the old that no longer serves us we create space for the new, we create balance. The role of the shaman is to see the whole picture and turn over the pieces that sit face down in the puzzles of our lives.

Work can also be undertaken with the dying and the deceased; to ensure safe and smooth passage to the other side and to clear buildings and spaces in order that energies in a state of unrest may pass over to a more comfortable and peaceful place.

A small slice of the pie! This is only a fraction of what shamanism, its practices and its traditions, have to offer.

If you would like further information please contact me.

Charlotte Gush

Tel: 07769800897

Alternatively you can email me at: Charlotte(at)

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