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Everyday Life: The Point of View of a Modern Day Shaman

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Shamanism is ultimately about following our true nature, not the one we are told is best for us or the one we inherit from our family or culture.  In this modern world of huge expectation & chaos we need to find & maintain balance.

The Shamanic Way shows us a path to that mid-line so that we can obtain & sustain that inner balance; to be that still space in the storm.  All shamanic work is conducted with reverence for the sacred & offers that safe space for you to remember your true nature – happiness. This approach is gutsy & really gets to the root of a person’s problem physical, mental/emotional or spiritual.

It’s earth based & really suited to those with their feet on the ground, those who really want to shift any blocks. Breaking free of old patterns, situations or relationships, effectively dealing with personal challenges & getting on with life & the business of living. When we begin to follow our true nature, our intuition, we take responsibility for the direction in which our lives are heading we become the masters of our own destiny, achieve our goals & to have the jobs & freedoms that we desire.

In moments of stillness, when we listen to our own inner voice, our intuition, we hear the truth about ourselves. This is the first step to treading our own path & living in a way that is inclusive of spirit; waking up in the morning feeling ready, enthusiastic & having the day you want!

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