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(Shell not included) Hand blended journeying mix – Elderflower, Elderberry, Mugwort. THIS IS NOT AN HALLUCINOGEN

This blend can be used as a tea in ceremonial preparation prior to Shamanic Journeying. It creates a calm and nurtured feeling helping us to relax and step away from the mind, when combined with a breathing practice can facilitate easy transition to the Other Worlds. Elder is a protective herb, said to be ‘The protector of Witches’ and I find using both the flower and the berry creates a balance between light and dark. It has a soothing and familiar taste. Blended with Mugwort, ‘The journeying Herb’ introduced into the UK by The Romans, was planted at the side of the road to protect ‘travellers’. One teaspoon per person, steeped for 5-7 minutes in a teapot or for use with a tea ball.

Charlotte Gush &/or Shamanic Way are not a replacement for your personal or general physician. Please check with your physician before choosing to apply, use or ingest any herbs.

Journey Blend of Herbs (Seasonally Available)

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