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"nothing is unreal as long as you can imagine like a crow."

- Munia Khan

Corvey on the shed roof




It all began with a crow fellow I would eventually name Corvey.


I was working in my garden one late spring afternoon, attending to my California poppies when I found him, huddled between the fence and raised vegetable beds. When his parents didn’t show up, on the advice of local wildlife experts I took him in for a time to give the bird a fighting chance at survival. 

The significance of the time spent in Corvey's presence was not lost on me. In the weeks that followed I became his crow step-mother, responsible for his care and feeding. But more than that the Universe had also gifted me with Crow's spiritual teachings about how to live in the world. 


Corvey the Crow

In the ancient wisdom traditions, Crow is also known by such names as “Keeper of the Spiritual Lore”, “Guardian of the Void”, and is even one of the guises of Odin. The Celts have The Morrigan — a warrior goddess of death and fate — who manifests as a shape-shifting crow and sometimes appears flanked by them. And in Native American lore, Crow appears as a trickster-messenger who stole fire from the heavens to bring down to earth. 


Over time, the spirit of Crow opened me to numerous teachings, insights, and channelings from divine source. You can follow along on my blog. They have grown so abundant that I’ve been called to weave them together into a book, and so stay tuned for more! 


The teachings of Crow may come in different forms. But they all come down to surrender, and opening up to what life has in store for us according to divine plan. 

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