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Book-learning and self-teaching are powerful tools, but we often require a structured container of some kind for applying and practicing what we learn on an ongoing basis. It’s only then that the teacher within us can truly emerge. 


Welcome to my online altar, where you can connect with opportunities to take your learning deeper and engage with a community of women who are learning the shamanic tools and practices to access the deep knowing of their inner Wise Woman. Course offerings, while structured around my 12 years of shamanic training and practice, guide you while also empowering you to explore and create your own personalized practice around your ancestry, identity, and unique personal history. 

The Wise Woman’s path is a long and sacred one, requiring all the attention and devotion of those who choose it. And as a way of supporting you on that path, these workshops harness shamanic tools and practice to help you face the shadows within, heal and release past traumas, and fully reclaim the wisdom that is your divine birthright, your inner Wise Woman.   

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“don't hide your magic. there are others looking for the pieces of the puzzle that you have.”

— Charlotte Gush

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