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Ceremony: What Is It?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Ceremony… What is it?…And what has happened to it?

When we think of ceremonies the things that often spring to mind are marriages, christening or even the naming of a new ship, all of which are often very far away from everyday life or a once in a lifetime experience.

In former times ceremony was part of everyday life in the same way as traffic jams are today. We would sit round the fire at the end of the day and share stories with our community about the ancestors or what we had witnessed whilst working the land that day; honouring what we had achieved or learned or been gifted. We still see some remnants of this in the form of harvest festival or candle mass, once pagan festivals but now offered almost exclusively through the Christian Church. In fact many of the things that we know as ‘ceremonies’ are actually rituals – the same steps done over and over again in the same way in time honoured tradition!

Ceremony is more free spirited, more intuitive and definitely more FUN! Honouring your special event or occasion in a way that feels right for you, it reflects your personality and is meaningful in a way that perhaps the aforementioned rituals may not be. For me, ceremony is a conscious celebration of something you feel in your heart. Ceremony gives us an appreciation of what we have, what and how we love and a feeling of contentment. It can change our perception in an instant and for me it brings a feeling of relaxation and what is right with the world.

So, where can we find the opportunity to do ceremony, to celebrate our gifts and talents or bring ourselves into right relationship with our wants and dreams for the future? How do we celebrate, acknowledge and honour, the turning of events in our life?

Well, it really is very simple indeed and can be exactly as you want to be, no rules, rites or ritual! It could be a long hot soak with candles and flowers or a walk (long or short) around a beautiful garden or ancient monument. It could be a yoga session or creating a beautiful meal to share with your loved ones. It’s all about your intention and bringing meaning to the everyday in a way that enables you to honour yourself and your life ceremonially…enjoy!

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