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Each item in this box has been handcrafted with ingredients that have been grown, foraged, dried, blended or infused by myself in sacred space with the intention of mental clarity & clear sight, in this world and the next.




Hand Tied Fire Offering

Bay leaf, Rosemary & Yarrow mindfully bound. An herbal offering for blowing in your prayers and gifting to the fire as food for the Gods.

Clear Sight Balm

This subtle balm supports clear sight in ritual, ceremony, meditation, or a relaxing bath. Mugwort* infused coconut oil and the splendid Egyptian Blue Lotus oil both support one’s ability to 'See'. Anoint the forehand, temples or crown.

Sleep & Dream Pouch

Slip this pouch under your pillow or place by the side of your bed on the nights that you wish to induce dreaming. Your pouch contains Mugwort*, she is known as the journeying herb and will aid your work in the dream world, increasing lucidity.

Ritual Cleansing Powder

A powerful pungent blend of cleansing herbs for your altar, ritual space, or house cleansing. Rosemary, Bay, Lavender, Frankincense & a secret ingredient. A little goes a long way. For use with charcoal disks.

Herbal Bath Shot

A blend of three salts, three herbs & a splash of oil - Rose Petals to hold the heart gently, Rosemary to clear the mind & a tiny amount of sage to cleanse the aura but not dry the skin. 

Purity Candle

A simple hand-poured soy wax candle to light your bathroom, your altar, or your way.


* Mugwort - unsuitable for pregnant women or women planning pregnancy in the near future. May induce menstruation. 


*Please speak with your doctor before applying/ingesting/bathing with any herbs. 

*Shamanic Way offers ritual herbs for magical purposes only. 

Ritual Herb Box - No. 1

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