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Land and space clearing symbol

"The more I work with Nature, the more church is Everywhere."

— Kelley Harrell




& Space Clearing

Over the course of my life I’ve been called to different countries on my travels for various reasons, and when I arrive, the land has always had a way of communicating to me what I needed to do, often in the form of sudden and extreme weather: lightning, pouring thunderstorms. It has always felt like receiving a divine transmission telling me my purpose for being in a given place. 

Places on earth are sites of energy. More than soil and vegetation or a patch of the skin on Mother Earth, they are also places of stories and ghosts, sets for the drama of life, confluences of events that took place in the past. The same applies to spaces: homes, even office buildings — any place where humans gather and spend much of their lives working and living.

Over time, old traumas, resonances, and stories have a way of getting stuck or stagnated on a given land or in a given space. Not engaging with them can lead to unwanted energies leaking into the lives of present individuals living in that place, and for this reason it is vital that spaces and land be periodically and ceremonially “cleared” so that its inhabitants can initiate a healthy and thriving relationship with their environment and therefore with all of life. 


Our connection to land is ancient, spiritual, and primal. Hearing its language, intuitively decoding and deciphering its energies, connecting with its past histories, is a skill demanding of prayer and ceremony and the utmost care. Years of training in shamanic practice have shown me that this is not an optional piece of healing our relationship with ourselves and the world around is essential. 

We will be in touch!

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