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I’m passionate about reconnecting people to Nature,

our Planet

and the Stars.

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Ollie Taylor


Ceremonial Work

Connecting together energetically from the comfort of your own back-yard, through short, powerful ceremonies, using Nature's gifts and spirit guidance along with the calendar of the New & Full Moon, we can manifest the changes we desire in our lives and in the world.

I always seek to create Ayni, an Incan word for reciprocity, living in balance, in right relationship with ourselves and our world. When we are balanced, peaceful, happy and operating from heartfelt meaning, we positively influence and inspire those around us. When we act together with focused intent, we are able to bring our own unique gifts in the generation of a powerful collective wave action that can bring about meaningful change. 



or medicine 


It’s easy to feel powerless when faced with the problems in the world. From powerlessness it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, believing that our tiny drop in the Ocean means nothing. This is not true.

When we commit to doing our own Work, we commit not only to healing and enlivening ourselves, but to the timeline for our future… all timelines and possible futures are interwoven with those of others. We can reconnect to Ourselves, our Source, our Planet and our communities through regular ceremonial processes; just as our Ancestors have always done. As we each connect in Ceremony our precious contributions become part of the soup of Conscious Co-creation.

Through Ancient Shamanic Teachings, practically applied, in modern times, we can make a difference to the planetary situation by firstly committing to ourselves.

You will receive a beautifully crafted printed ceremony (2 moons per cycle), including:



A personal note from me about the current themes and energies
The planetary bit: in-depth astrology for the next two weeks

Step-by-step details for collective ceremony 

  • 2 Ceremonies

  • Downloadable PDFs to your Inbox

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

  • Single Payment

  • 26 Ceremonies

  • Downloadable PDFs to your Inbox

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

  • Recurring Payment