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I’m passionate about reintroducing  people to the power of ritual & ceremony as a means of closure, forgiveness, celebration & healing in the modern world. 


Ceremonial Work

There are many transitions and times of celebration throughout our lives, some of the more common ones, such as birthdays & birth days are honoured.

Others, usually the harder to handle aspects of life, often are not.

The transition from childhood into adulthood was once a sacred and celebrated time, such as a young woman's first bleed. Or the journey of the mother through peri-menopause into cronehood, the time when children may fly the nest and sadly of course the death of a loved one or pet.

Then there are the other more 'life-path' transitions such as moving home, starting or changing careers, setting up a new business, divorce and relationship breakdown, or even bankruptcy. All of the aforementioned occasions, changes & transitions are deaths in their own rite.

In traditional societies these 'deaths' would not have passed by unattended. There are, even in usually happy transitions, tears of grief and loss to be expressed, old versions of the self to be honoured, celebrated, even forgiven and then taken to sacred ceremony.  


A three leaf 'kintu' (prayer leaves) offered to the flames for peace & healing.


Ceremony is central to life...

Ceremony & ritual were once a central part of peoples lives, and I believe, a means by which, thoughts, prayers and calls for healing are brought into the physical world. 

When we commit to a return to ritual & ceremony, we commit not only to healing honouring and enlivening ourselves, but to the timeline for our future…

We can connect to ourselves and our conscious journey through life; just as our Ancestors have always done.


Working with ritual & ceremony not only assists our own lifepath but helps in healing many of the unacknowledged grief, unspoken losses and forgotten sacred life moments of the humankind. 

Through Ancient Teachings & Practices, practically applied, in modern times, we can make a difference to the planetary situation by firstly committing to ourselves.

Ceremonial & Ritual Services.


Shamanic Fire Ceremony.

Full/New Moon or a date of your choosing.
Despacho Ceremony.

A 'physical prayer bundle' to shift and disperse energy can

assist in many areas of life*.

  • Balance Despacho.

  • Death Despacho.

  • Freedom Despacho. 

  • Health Despacho.

  • Soul Retrieval Despacho.

  • Money Despacho.

  • Shadow Despacho. 

  • Feminine or Masculine Healing Despacho. 

Cord Cutting Ritual. 

We can be unknowingly corded to people, past relationships, locations, roles, even old promises and these cords drain energy from our current life.

Bespoke Ceremonies.

By arrangement.


How we can work together.

We are all different, as are our needs, and this is reflected in my approach. Working together in ceremony is a sacred undertaking and relationship is important, therefore please contact me via the email address below and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss your thoughts, needs and wishes. 
I can undertake your ceremony or ritual for you, with you or I can teach you how to perform certain offerings for yourself.
Thank you & be well 
C x

Contact Charlotte
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Client Feedback

"Oh My Goodness! 
Charlotte, I profoundly thank you for helping me walk through & break free from the cords that bound me so fiercely, I AM FREE!!!"

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