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Shamanic Way & Wise Woman’s Forum supports women who seek to embody their Wise Woman nature. Through workshops, gatherings, forum posts and 121 sessions we share with her ways she can discover & rediscover her own path, power, and innate intuitive female wisdom.

Shamanic Way & Wise Woman’s Forum members honour each other as we each rewrite our personal stories in this safe and sacred space. Through age-old traditions of circles, cycles, sharing, bleeding, grieving, weaving, creating, and celebrating we heal and form life-long bonds.

Together we are reclaiming the threads of womanhood, building a meaningful network, weaving the new and taking our place at the Fire.

Terms & Conditions.

1. Be kind and courteous.

At Shamanic Way & Wise Woman’s Forum we work together to create a responsible space and welcoming environment. We treat each other with respect. Healthy debates are natural, and kindness is essential.

2. No Hate Speech or Bullying.

Every woman must feel safe in Shamanic Way and the Wise Woman’s Forum. Bullying of any kind is not allowed and degrading comments will not be tolerated.

3.No Promotions or Spam.

In Shamanic Way & Wise Woman’s Forum we give as much, sometimes more, than we take. Soliciting, spam and irrelevant links are not allowed. Meta (Facebook/Instagram links are also to be avoided.


Being part of Shamanic Way & the Wise Woman’s Forum requires mutual respect and trust throughout. Authentic, expressive discussions can also be private. What is shared in sessions, forums, workshops, and gatherings remains within these safe spaces that we strive to provide.

5. Membership Withdrawal.

Shamanic Way Wise Woman's Forum reserves the right to withdraw membership from those contra to our mission and values or in breach of our terms & conditions.

6. Licenced images & content copyright.

Please ensure that you have permission to post any imagery and content in Shamanic Way Wise Woman’s Forum that may be subject to a licensing agreement. Images and content posted in the Wise Woman's Forum are at the sole risk of the posting author. 

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