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Story Walker.

Ceremonial Medicine Cards

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Life is one never-ending story, chapter after chapter and life after life! We are each the authors, weavers, and walkers of our own tale and here I seek to share an episode or two from my own. Adventures, Dreams, Visions, Plant medicine, Menopause & breakdown all leading to the birth of  The Story Walker Ceremonial Medicine Cards' and turned out to be  ‘A very Human Healing Process’ and remembrance of  my true nature... 

This blog space will document the process of Birthing the cards into physical existence touching on the initial conception and my healing journey in bringing them to the world….

I make no claim that these writings and insights are THE Universal Truth or any Lore. Neither do they seek to attain dogmatic status…. There is no one way to rediscovering the nature of self but rather a series of light bulb moments, pivotal events and the obligatory earth shattering occasions that we often make sense of in hindsight. Here I simply seeks to share my own musings, incidents and encounters with life as I wander down the Shamanic Way, my chosen soul path upon Gaia. -

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