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You’re invited to a party…..R.S.V.P ? How can partying help you overcome Self-Doubt?

If you allow it, the mind will chat shit from morning till night! P.S…it lies too!! There are ways to over-come self-doubt and you can do this by hosting a special kind of party..... Caught in your head? At times we all get caught in our heads, right? Trying to figure out perceived problems and Read More

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Should, woulda, coulda……are you 100% committed?

Years ago, having a spiritual interest, I set an intention that, 'This time I'm doing 'IT!' not knowing what 'IT' was....I would not undertake another incarnation, get to the end and think, 'Shit! shoulda, woulda, coulda'....I was aware of previous incarnations where, things were cut short!....not this time!!! I was 100% committed! The motivation behind Read More