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Moon phase, Medicine & Meaning.

February brings us new shoots and new learning - moon phase, medicine and meaning... We’re beginning to see the early signs of Spring here in Dorset. Snowdrops hanging bravely in the frosty verges, bright green leaves of the Daffodils slowly awakening and reaching for the sun. Spring is in the air... It seems like Spring Read More


Crow Teachings 2

Sacrifice, instinct & balance. Crow Teachings 2 - Thank you for continuing to accompany me on this journey with crow Corveys wellbeing… Since Crow Teachings 1 my friends took to calling me, hopefully temporarily, Mama Crow or Crow Mother as I was still responding to Corveys every caw and feeding him with a literal, yet Read More

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Crow Teachings 1

Crow Teachings - An amazing journey with Crow! The Keeper of Spiritual Law, the Guardian of the Void, and it would appear, the re-education of me… The Universe sent me a gift of Crow Medicine It's easy to get very caught up in your own ideas of what needs to happen in life, where you’re Read More

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Reclaiming the Wise Woman. Inter-generational Healing- Grandmothers, Mothers & Daughters.

Reclaiming Wise Woman Healing. I'm feeling so delighted to have been asked, once again, to contribute to Grey Areas Journal - For Creative and Intellectual Perspectives. This 4th Edition is dedicated to International Women's Day 2019. I download a full copy of the full publication HERE Wise Woman Healing brings a wholeness... The following article Read More

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Home Made Smudge Stick – How to…

Create your own home made smudge stick, it's easier than you think!   Every stage is a pleasure. Nature walks to  collect your herbs, creating your own spiritual tool, gorgeous aromas wafting through the house during the drying process and the Grand Finale! The feeling of cleansing lightness that fills the home when the final Read More

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Chakra clearing for the busiest time of year….

Chakra clearing for the busiest time of year... The winter months can be hard on the body. With longer nights and shorter days we can feel less inclined to be out.  Our energy systems can become slow and stagnant because we are not spending enough time in nature. With the Christmas season looming we can Read More

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Article in Grey Areas – Shamanism in the 21st Century

Shamanism in the 21st Century - How we can heal communities. Check out my most recent article! The relevance of Shamanism in the 21st Century; including little things you can do everyday to contribute to improving your world and the world around you. When one thinks of shamanism perhaps the mind is drawn to indigenous Read More