Back to Nature Four Direction Retreats 2018

Walking the Shamanic Way -Hampshire

Teaching Ancient Tools for Modern Times  Living Consciously in the 21st Century


Retreats: May 4-7, June 1-3, July 13-15, August 17-19, September 14-17

(not available as standalone retreats)

An amazing opportunity to immerse yourself, in the Powerful Shamanic World of Initiation, Sacred Ceremony, Tools and Nature practices, Ancestral work, Shadow work, Sacred Fire, and Energy Clearing; learning to integrate these ancient teachings into your everyday life.

This work will push you, pull you, and challenge you, make you laugh, make cry, make you angry, overwhelm you and make you fall in love with yourself again. Fundamentally though, it will return to you the nature practices and path that is rightfully yours.

Programme Content

(revisions may be made without consultation)

Option 1 & 2

Retreat 1 

May 4-7

Included in option 1 & 2

An introduction to The Four Directions and associated teachings of the Peruvian Andes and Amazon, the energies of the Serpent, Jaguar, Humming Bird and Condor, The Chakana; the Inca Cross and Fire Breathing technique, Opening, clearing and holding Sacred Space, Stone Medicine, Despacho and Opening Fire Ceremony.

Tools and nature practices  an introduction of practical tool and techniques to integrate over remaining months; bringing sacred ceremony into everyday life, using everyday items that can be found in nature. Using Fire to release that which no longer serves us then, sit back and watch the shift.

Shamanic Journeying 1 With the assistance of breathing techniques and my very own handpicked blend of Journeying Tea, learn the maps to the other worlds; journeying to the lower world “the domains of the soul“ the belly of the mother. Visiting your own personal Eden to renew and heal and rest, finding your gate keeper, spirit animal or guide. Journeying to the upper worlds, the time of our becoming, visit with plant and animal spirits, the realms of the ancestors and the realms of spirit; return with gifts and work with them, manifest them in your earthly life, the possibilities are endless, a shore-less ocean.

Advanced Journeying 2 Having learned and practiced the maps of the other worlds we will again venture into the belly of the mother, this time retrieving pieces of ourselves that have been held in safe keeping awaiting our readiness for their return.  We will then venture upward through worlds to the realms of spirit, retrieving our destiny, returning with these gifts we will work with, honour and integrate, thus manifesting these healed aspects in the middle world.

Retreat 2

June 1-3

Included in option 1 & 2

The Muany Ki -The Foundation Rites

The Mayan prophecies talk of a great change, a turning the right way up of the world, traditionally known as a Patchacutti, the end of a cycle- an end and a beginning, a new phase or shift on all levels.

The Munay Ki prepares us energetically for this time and the time to come. An opportunity to prepare for the change, to step away from the nightmare we witness in the world and to begin to create something new.

Munay  means love, the unconditional kind we each hold within us and not the sort that we barter for!

Ki  means power, not the type wielded over others but the personal power each of us hold.

The Munay Ki is a beautiful healing process to walk through. It will be delivered over two camps and will allows you to work with each of the rites in turn, truly integrating, feeding and nurturing the energies.

These gifted energies will deepen your experience of the shamanic way of life. During the process you not only receive the rites but also learn to gift them to others, enabling you to share them with your friends, family and wider community, being instrumental in the spreading of these wonderful rites across the world.

The Foundation rites:

Bands of Power, Harmony Rites, Seers Rite, Healers Rites

The process of the Munay Ki will help you to build your own medicine bundle which you can carry through life as a support, focus and source of personal healing.

Retreat 3

July 13-15

Included in option 1 & 2

The Lineage Rites

Day Keepers Rites, Wisdom Keepers, Earth Keepers

The Rites of the time to come

Star Keepers, Spirit Keepers

Retreat 4

Aug 17-19

Included in option 1 & 2

Engaging with The Shadow

The shadow aspects of our personality are the parts that we do not acknowledge about ourselves, the parts sub-consciously stowed away the parts we place in the bag that we carry upon our backs we reassure ourselves with lies, thinking we are safe... yet other see us very clearly.

It is said that we are not born with shadows, a baby will happily pee all over itself and those around and proceed to laugh and gurgle completely unaffected. These shadow aspects appear over time generously gifted to us by society, our peers or families, our cultures and ourselves.

Many, if not all of us have been laughed at, humiliated, harmed, abused, ignored, scolded and judged, after all its what we all do to ourselves and others everyday... told we are not good enough, not to show off, not to be loud, that we are to forward, that we are to weak... that we didn't ought or in fact the opposite, we ought, how very confusing!  However, retrieving these parts of us that are stowed away often contain great gifts, characteristics and the keys to unlocking the life that we want.

Retreat 5

Sept 14-17

Included in option 1 & 2

Healing with the Ancestors

When opening Sacred Space, we call on the Ancestors to be with us "Come and warm your hands by our fire, whisper to us in the wind, we honour those have come before us and those who will come after us. Let us know that we stand on your shoulders, as our childrens children will stand on ours."

We are the product of all of those who have come before us, their achievements, their genetics and beliefs but also their wounds and unfinished business. It is said that their energy reaches forward seven generations. We are affected by those whom we have never met, as will our descendants. Working to heal our ancestral line is important work for those who have gone before us, ourselves and those who are still to come.

We will work with the energies of our ancestors through altars, ancestor circle and journey to ask these questions:

How may I honour you?

What wounds are there to heal?

What energy holds our family line?

What do you need from me?

Do you have messages for our family still living?

A clearing process for those unseen influences, releasing you, your ancestors and future generations. Powerful work indeed.

Closing Ceremony - The Despacho Ceremony is a communal, physical prayer constructed with love and care, taken to fire and released as food for the Gods.

Despacho, The magic of this tradition, a truly transformative ceremony, a joy to undertake. You will learn about the different types of Despacho, what they mean for your life, what they are used for, when you might do them and how to build your own as course follow up. This will bring a beautifully graceful close to our work and signify the beginning of a new phase and for some a completely new way of life.

Mentoring Sessions

Included in option 2 only

12 Private Mentoring Sessions. Via telephone or Skype.

Support is so important in life, especially when we are learning something new. A monthly call of up to an hour to ask all the questions you have surrounding what you are learning. Each session is intuitively tailored to meet the needs of the individual and will enable you to integrate the Shamanic Way into daily life.

Healing Sessions

Included in option 2 only

6 Healing Session

Shifting the energy of old stories is, for me, what healing is all about. Throughout the 5 camps we will identify our life and Ancestral patterns and how they, sometime unconsciously, play out in our live. Creating and re-creating situations to gain our attention. The healing sessions, along with your own group experiences and findings, are designed to work deeply with these patterns on a 1-2-1 basis. This clears the way for new ways of walking in the world.


Workbook inc. full Munay Ki manual.

Included in option 1 & 2

A 50+ page step by step, comprehensive e-manual (pdf) covering all aspects of the course content, containing everything you need to progress through the year. Including Gifting the Munay Ki Rites and associated journeys.
Journeying CD 1 & 2


Included in option 1 & 2

Two beautifully created Journeying CDs with Introduction, Opening & Closing Sacred Space, Breathing Technique to shift consciousness, working with the 8th Chakra as a means of connection and protection, 9 different Journeys leading you to the Lower World & Upper World to retrieve those parts of you that are rightfully yours.
Tools & Practices DVD

Included in option 1 & 2

A clear step by step instructional short film series to visually guide you through all the Tools and Nature practices at your own pace. An amazing resource to visit again and again.
Munay Ki Instructional DVD (copy) & Pi Stone

Included in option 1 & 2

A step by step instructional DVD clearly sharing the history of the Munay Ki and its purpose in the 21st Century. Short episodes covering all the nine Sacred Rites. Pi stone to gift the rites.
On-line Support Group Membership to the On-line support group via the Shamanic Way members area. The members are area contains a variety of e-resources and a forum for all participants to share, discuss, seek support and stay in touch between and after camps

Camp Life

Tents & campers are welcome, and you are free to park next to your camping spot. There's plenty of room so you can have your own space if you wish. Most people stay on site for the entire camp but if you wish to sleep elsewhere that's fine. We ask that you arrive in good time each morning ready to start the days events.

All vegetarian meals and refreshments are included. Simple dishes cooked with love on the camp fire by our camp kitchen team. Special diets can be catered for with one months notice. Disabled access may be possible by arrangement. At previous camps we have run a relaxed ship and this year will be no different. We do however ask that everyone bring their own plate, dish, cup and cutlery (this cuts down on waste) and that you take your rubbish home with you. This keeps our space beautifully clean for us and others to use.

The camp fire burns all day, the kettle is always hot and it's a natural place to gather, eat, share & chat. There will always be a member of staff to help you with anything you may need. They're a helpful bunch!

Accommodation alternatives

If you don't fancy camping, then there are lots of other options in the local area. Below are just a couple of examples.

Premier Inn

Accor Hotels

Air B&B

Options to suit your needs

Option 1 - Includes five fully supported friendly Back to Nature Camps - Shamanic Teachings, Tuition, Initiations, full 50+ page workbook, on-line support group, Journeying CD 1, Journeying CD 2, Tools & Practices DVD, Munay Ki DVD, Pi Stone and Munay Ki handbook. As well as camping, parking and all meals and refreshment.

Option 2 - Includes five fully supported friendly Back to Nature Camps -  Shamanic Teachings, Tuition, Initiations, full 50+ page workbook, on-line support group, Journeying CD 1, Journeying CD 2, Tools & Practices DVD, Munay Ki DVD, Pi Stone and Munay Ki handbook. As well as camping, parking and all meals and refreshments.

Twelve 1-2-1, intuitively tailored, coaching and support sessions spaced over 12 months, helping to integrate all that you are learning into your everyday life. These support sessions can include all your questions and challenges that may arise throughout the year. A chance to talk, discuss and share in sacred space.

Six personal healing sessions, as required, spaced over 12 months. These sessions really help to deepen the work and your personal healing experience. (All coaching & healing session are via skype or similar unless otherwise arranged)


Option 1 - £1250 Early bird - Full payment by Feb 28th, 2018 - £1150.

A £250 deposit is required to reserve your place, followed by 8 monthly payments of £125 on the 1st of each month. All payments paid by bacs please email for details and full instalment schedule

( PayPal payments are welcome for options 1 & 2 but will incur a fee of 3.4% per payment GBP)

Option 2 - £2100 -  Early bird - Full payment by Feb 28th, 2018 - £2000.

A £300 deposit is required to reserve your place, followed by 8 monthly payments of £225 on the 1st of each month. All payments paid by bacs please email for details and full instalment schedule

( PayPal payments are welcome for options 1 & 2 but will incur a fee of 3.4% per payment GBP)



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If you have any questions or would like a short chat about any of the above, please contact me.